À propos de moi
I am Enzo Del Testa, 30 years old and, I can say that I love making videos since my youngest age.
This vocation come from when I was about 5 or 8 years old.  when my dad uses to put together some family camping video directly on the VHS player.
I had my first video camera for my 13 anniversary, I have first edited my films on my very first laptop from school, which was very bad, and quickly got a proper computer with good editing software.
During my teenager life, I have created a lot of skateboarding vidéo, ridiculous short movies and Tv Shows with my friends. 
Growing up as an adult I went on an adventure for about 3 years around Australia, Asia and New Zealand to make films about my journey. 
Today I take a chance to live off my passion.
To create films for others, with my heart, my own style and vision of the world

E-mail :

T : 01 23 45 67 89